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bullet.jpg Available Yorkie Puppies   (UPDATED 8/11/14)

NOTE:  It is sad that this Disclaimer needs to be posted, but in the world of dog breeding, there are breeders who will stop at nothing to hinder other breeders' sales.  Because of that, we would ask that if you are contacted by anyone who speaks negatively about our Yorkies or our breeding program, please contact us and allow us to share the truth with you before you make the decision of whether or not you will buy from us.  Also, if you read anything negative about our breeding program online, please allow us to share the truth with you.  There's an old saying that goes "it's a dog-eat-dog world".  Unfortunately, certain breeders bring that saying to life.       NOW - on to the positive!  Please enjoy checking out both our available puppies and past puppies!  :)


We currently have only one puppy available - Cadbury.  See below!!   :)




Sadie is a beautiful Sable girl carrying for Parti.  SOLD


Cadbury - Date of Birth March 29, 2014.  Chocolate Parti boy available to pet home only.  Contact us for more information.



 Peaches is SOLD.


Casper is SOLD









HINT:   We LOVE getting updates and new pics from our puppies' new families!  :)

Some of our puppies that are now in their new homes...

Robin Hood (now Gizmo) is in his new home on the MS Gulfcoast.   Thanks, Desireah and family!  :)


Ana is at home in MS.  Thanks Heather and family!  :)


Chip is at home in MS.  :)

   Sugar Buggar is at home in MS.  Thanks, Sharon!  :)

Sharon says:  She made the trip just fine.  She smells so good what is that shampoo can just eat her up.  She likes to be up high on my shoulder so she doesn't miss a thing.   She is very inquisitive.   I look forward to a long life with my baby.  Another update:  "Rotten isn't the word!  She has her humans in check." Another UPDATE:  "Sugar went to vet today for her worming and she weighs 3.2#'s.  She is doing well and everyone who meets her falls in love.  She is doing really well with walking on a leash and going out to the potty.  She has learned at night to go to her crate for bed but not until then.  If the sun is up her naps are on my chest or between my legs in the recliner on her blanket."

Truffles is at home in Canada.  Thanks, Pat!  :)


Hershey is at home in IN.  Thanks, Garners!  :)


 Cupcake will soon be at home in Alaska.   Thanks, Leslie!  :)

Update from Cupcake:  Cupcake just LOVES dressing up every day.  She is loving Alaska.  :)


 Diva(now Jersi) is safely at home in Canada.  Thanks, Char!  :)


 Teenie is at home with her new family in MS.  Thanks, Cory!  :)

 Precious is at home in MS with her new family.  Thanks to the Nelsons!  :)

UPDATE ON PRECIOUS (Now Missy):  "Hi!!!! We are sooo in love with the former Precious. Which my daughter has renamed her to Missy! But she is answering and knows her name. We will send pics also. Everyone who has met her talks about how beautiful she is."

 Goldilocks is with her new family in MS.  :)

 Hershey Bear is at home on the MS Gulfcoast.  Thanks Wendy!  :)

UPDATE FROM HERSHEY BEAR:  "Thanks for all the help. He is such a smart puppy. So far he is going consistently on his pads. And learned "sit" we are working on "stay" now."

Katie is with her new family in MS.  Thanks, Kayley!  :)

Happy(now Chewbacca) is at home with his new family in MS.  Thanks, Janet.  :)

UPDATE FROM HAPPY: "Happy (now Chewbacca) is doing great. He had his check-up yesterday and was the hit of the office. Everyone was impressed with his color and how well he behaved. He received an excellent check-up, and that doc looked him over from head to tail (literally)." 

Handsome (NOW GUINESS) is at home with his new family in MS.  Thanks, Adam.  :)

UPDATE FROM GUINESS: "I wanted to let know he is in great health and he has the greatest personality I couldn't have got a better dog! He loves his brother Fenway and they can't stand to be apart from each other as you will see in some pictures! He is such a great addition to our family and I can't thank you enough for letting us have him as our own! I will continue to send pictures and keep you updated!"

Prince William(NOW KOI!) is safely at home in WA and will be training to become an AKC Agility Champion.  Thanks, Lyn!  :)

A few words from Koi's new Mom......."My husband really loves him and he loves my husband. He slept all night and has claimed which bed is his on the floor. He is a doll. He goes potty outside and gets along great with the other dogs. He is real smart. Knows his name already." Another Update from Lyn:  "I brushed Koi this morning and he was so good. Thank you for raising such a good boy. Most of the puppies that I get have never been brushed, bathed, or anything. He is a wonderful little guy."   Another UPDATE:  Just received Koi's 2013 Christmas Pic.  Isn't he adorable??  :)   ANOTHER UPDATE:  "Wanted to let you know I started Koi in Handling class last week. I hope that Joel can come this week and get a video of him in class. He is so smart. He loves to play games and Joel started him on the table, sit stay, and other little things." ANOTHER UPDATE: "He is so sweet ad such a cuddle bug."

My husband said that maybe we should get another dog from you!"

Bandit (now Beemer - or maybe King Beemer!) is at home on the MS Gulf Coast. Below are a few words from his new mommie.  Thanks, Gena! :)

"After tons of searching I came to the web site of M&M Chocolate Yorkies. I was in love at first site. You could just see personality written all over his face! Beemer is such a loving baby ! He loves to be held! Wellness check passed with flying colors, he was potty trained in less than two days. He loves people! Becky is such a great person ! We had some issues from shots with the vet ,no fault to the breeder, she was a life saver she stayed in touch with me through the night into the early morning giving me advise on things to do. She loves her babies !"

Calisi is safe at home in Canada. Below are a few words from her new mommie.  Thanks, Sally.  :)

"Just want to thank you for my lovely, lovely puppy.  She meets my expectations as well as above and beyond.  Such a lovely little temperament on her and so snuggily!!!!EmojiI love her already.Anyways, as promised a few pics of Calisi in her new home.  She is such a dear!  Oh and she loves to pull off one of my socks and play with it and then curls up with it.  Guess I will have to get used to wearing just one....lol  Thanks again."sally

 BabyCakes(now Zola!) is at home on the MS Gulf Coast.  Thanks, Kim and Richard.  :)

UPDATE FROM BabyCakes(now Zola):  "I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much we are enjoying our baby!  She is precious and beautiful!  And she is SPOILED ROTTEN.  :)  Her name is Zola."



Sugar Baby(now Chanel) is at home in Canada.  Thanks, Char!  :)


Tigger's (now Coos) new home is in TX.  Thanks, Misti!  :)

Update from Coos:  "He's definitely won our hearts.  He gets groomed every other week and I bathe him the weeks in between."   


Blackberry is home with her new family in MS.  Thanks, Sylvia!  :)


Oreo is safely at home in Alaska.  Thanks, Leslie!  :)



Sissee is at home on the MS Gulfcoast.  Thanks, Kim.  :)


  Anastasia is at home in MD. Thanks, Kathie and Bobby!  :) (Just got this updated picture of Anastasia all grown up in her Christmas 2013 pic.

Thanks so much, Kathie!  :)   UPDATE - Updated pics are Anastasia's 1st Birthday Party, January 2014.  :)

Katy is at home in MS with her new family. Thanks, Katherine! :)


Tootsie (formerly Truffles) is at home in AZ. Thanks, Megan!!  :)

Rumor is at home in TX.   Thanks, Christina!!  :)

Sassy(now Coco Chanel) is at home in Vancouver, BC.  Thanks, Kathryn!!  :)

Klaus is at home in Vancouver, BC.  Thanks, Manisha!! :) 

Marilyn-now Sophie-is in the perfect home in AR!  Thanks, Rosie!

Greta is in a loving home in MS.  Thanks, Rachel!


Trouper is at home with a wonderful new family.  Thanks, Frankie!  :)



Kodiak(now Max) is at home with his new family in MS.  Thanks, Michele! :)


Cinnamon Sugars is at home on the MS Gulf Coast.  Thanks, Kim!  :)


 Gulliver(now Louis) is at home in MS with his new family.  Thanks, Jennifer!  :)

TT is at home in MS and will get to travel a lot with his new family. Thanks, Amanda!  :)


Alfalfa is at home in LA where he will be riding Harleys and horses! Thanks, Wendi!  :)



Thumbelina(now Abigail!) is with her new family in MS.  Thanks, Brenda!  :)



 Darla and Spanky are at home on the MS Gulf Coast, where they'll be taking boat rides with their new family.  Thanks, Patricia!  :) 

New update from these two babies:  "Both are doing well and are spoiled rotten (which is my fault). Spanky is a shy little fellow, but loves to be held or sit in your lap and watch TV.  Darla is more feisty.  Even though she is smaller than Spanky she is difinitely the boss.  They run around the house chasing each other then lay down for a quick nap."   


 Chunky Monkey is at home in MS with his new family, including his two brothers - a rooster and an Australian Shepherd.  Thanks, Page!   :)

Penelope is home in LA being spoiled rotten.  Thanks, Timara!  :)



 Cagney is at home with his new Mom in MS.  Thanks, Jamie!

   Ruby (Belle) is at her new home in Houston.  Thanks, Susan!


  Ellie is at her Forever Home in MS.  Thanks, Wesley!

   Bogart is at home with his new family in MS. 

   Peyton is at home in MS with Jamilah.  Thanks, Jamilah!

    Eli is safely at home with in Alabama with Shirley and the Trio of Terror!

    Olivia is at home in Maryland.  Thanks, Holly!

   Archie is at home in Orlando.  Thanks, Miranda!

   Little John (Snickers) is at a wonderful home with Holly in Maryland.       

 Big John now lives at his new home in MS.


     Li'l Diva(Penny) is at her new home in Canada.  Thanks, Charlene!            


    Kimo and Tinkerbell have settled in their new homes in MS.


*  Little Bella is safely at home in the Smokey Mountains, TN.  Thanks, Sandra!      

  DrewB has gone to a wonderful home in MS.  Thanks, Mary!

 * Daisy (now known as Tootsie) is settled in IN. Thanks, Rhonda!

  Rosie (now known as Kissie) will be staying with us.

 Jersey lives in Canada and is spoiled rotten by Shelley.  :)

 Sophie lives in MS and is spoiled rotten by Melanie!  :)



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